About the Soil Mission and PREPSOIL

The Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe” states that the lack of knowledge and awareness of the cruciality of long-term soil health among different stakeholders - land managers, industries, consumers and society at large - is a major driver of soil degradation, affecting its capacity to provide ecosystem services. Therefore, raising awareness and knowledge on soil health will contribute to a successful Mission in two ways: firstly, more people will identify themselves as soil stewards, and managers and secondly, authorities will have the necessary knowledge to improve soil practices and implement effective actions. 

The PREPSOIL (Preparing for the "Soil Deal for Europe" Mission) project facilitates the deployment of the Mission across European regions. This will be achieved through the co-creation and roll out of tools and spaces for interaction, knowledge-sharing and co-learning, as well as stocktaking and dialogue to understand how regional assessment of soil needs, supported by harmonised monitoring mechanisms, can then lead to action in living labs and light houses for soil health. 

These activities support the roll out of the Mission during its first 3 years - from 2022 to 2025. 

The Soil Mission

The Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe”: 100 living labs and lighthouses to lead the transition towards healthy soils.

The PREPSOIL project

PREPSOIL facilitates the deployment of "A Soil Deal for Europe" mission across European regions, by helping key players to reduce soil degradation, while increasing soil awareness and soil literacy.