Become a Soil Advocate

PREPSOIL needs your input to better support communication efforts of the Soil Health Mission!

Raising awareness on the challenges that European soils are experiencing – and changing how we manage soils – won’t be an easy task, and we cannot do it alone.

That’s why we’re looking for people from around Europe who would like to voluntarily contribute in spreading their knowledge and experience regarding soil management and increasing soil literacy in Europe.

We are open to a diversity of different people including farmers, foresters, other land managers, national park officers, agricultural advisors, soil and environmental scientists, teachers, soil engineers, agricultural journalists and civil servants with relevant experience.

​​​​​By expressing your interest and becoming one of our soil advocates:

  • you will be part of a pool of recognised stakeholders and experts that can contribute to our knowledge hub
  • you will contribute actively with your experience from practice (on the ground), sharing with us the challenges and needs you face on a daily basis
  • you will be involved in our development phases, so we can build a better digital experience for you and for the other PREPSOIL visitors
  • you will have the opportunity to network and meet other soil experts and communicators within the PREPSOIL network to exchange knowledge and experiences
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In which activities you would like to participate as a Soil Advocate?

There are several ways in which Soil Advocates can contribute and share experiences. The PREPSOIL Knowledge Hub and Forum are the two major tools in which Soil Advocates can share their knowledge and expertise!

  • Suggest resources to the PRESPOIL Knowledge Hub
​​​​​​​PREPSOIL has developed a Knowledge Hub as a One-Stop-Shop for all relevant information on soil health with existing “best of” soil-related materials open for all stakeholders to upload material in all European languages. We invite you to contribute to the first batch of materials available at the Knowledge Hub.
  • Share your knowledge on the Forum
We created a virtual Forum for direct contact between land managers and other stakeholders and with an option to have some of these directed at certain Communities of Practice. Soil Advocates can engage in setting up and using the Forum for dialogues – e.g. starting a discussion on specific soil-related topics! 
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