Soil by Region

PREPSOIL has conducted a series of in-depth, soil-needs assessments in 20 European regions as part of activities in support of Mission Soil to promote healthy soils. The regions selected represent different land uses across Europe such as agricultural, urban/industrial, forestry/nature and mixed land where sustainable soil practices were not yet implemented.

This analysis included organisation of a series of Regional Soil Needs workshops in the first half of 2023 and targeted interviews with local community members such as farmers, scientists, policy makers, and citizens to gather additional information.  The outcomes of the workshops and interviews will contribute to the creation of a Synthesis report (up for release in 2024) of soil needs and drivers of change for each land use type, and a regional Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (for release mid-2025). This information will be crucial to identify the steps ahead for co-creation of new approaches to improve soil health and recommendations for new Living Labs and Lighthouses.

All of the resources gathered to date for the regions, including the collection of posters prepared presented at the European Mission Soil Week, can be consulted by clicking on the interactive map above, or by using the filter to sort by region and/or land use.