Regional soil needs workshops

In order to better assess the soil needs for different land uses across Europe, PREPSOIL is organising a series of workshops, as part of “PREPSOIL Regional Soil Needs” during the first half of 2023.

PREPSOIL is conducting these soil needs assessments in 21 different European regions, representing various soil needs according to different land use types: agricultural, urban/industrial, forestry/nature and mixed land use. The selected regions, which currently have unsustainable land-uses, were strategically selected to take part in a European overview of what is necessary to increase the percentage of healthy soils by 2023.

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Following each workshop, PREPSOIL will conduct 10 targeted interviews with local community members (e.g. farmers, scientists, policy makers, citizens) to gather additional information. The outcomes of these workshops and interviews will contribute to the creation of a Synthesis report (by 2024) of soil needs and drivers of change for each land use type, and a regional Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (mid-2025). This information will pave the way for co-creating innovative activities to improve soil health, leading to recommendations for new Living Labs and Lighthouses. Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed as soon as they are out!



These workshops are organised on an "invitation-only basis". The audience is composed by invited individuals and organisations located in these regions, namely land owners/managers/users, local policy makers and researchers, local Living Labs and Lighthouses.

PREPSOIL is a continuation of prior initiatives, such as the Soil Mission Support (SMS) project. SMS developed a systems framework for collecting knowledge needs on soil health at a European level (Löbmann et al., 2022) that has contributed to the development of the PREPSOIL workshop series.

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