Best Teaching Practices

Find below the best examples of youth soil health education practices in Europe, that are increasing the understanding of soils by the future generations and the public at large. The stories, selected in an open call, involved both Primary and Secondary Schools, as well other organisations, municipalities and any other actors that have been organising activities with education institutes. PREPSOIL is collecting good teaching practices that inspire younger generations on how to take good care of our land. The best teaching practices are awarded by PREPSOIL on World Soil Day (5th December).

PREPSOIL will be opening more Open Calls to select Best Teaching Practices in Soil Education.

The PREPSOIL 2nd Open Call for Best Teaching Practices closed on 31st January 2024.
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An overview of the demonstration material for small-scale irrigation experiment (the comments to the numbered pictures, see above).

Soil degradation – soil surface erosion by water

It is a small-scale irrigation experiment that simulates an intense rainfall event and demonstrates the differences
School: Centre for Agricultural Research, Institute for Soil Sciences (CAR ISS), Teacher: Zsófia Bakacsi
An overview of the demonstration material for soil macro organism’s variety.

Soil zoology - unrealistic soil living macro organisms

This is an image-selection exercise in which students are presented with large photos or photo-realistic representations
School: Centre for Agricultural Research, Institute for Soil Sciences (CAR ISS), Teacher: Norbert FLÓRIÁN

Urban Vegetable Gardens

The Urban Vegetable Gardens are a collective project of an entire neighborhood in the city of Badajoz, pioneers in
School: JOINT INITIATIVE Platform Urban Vegetable Gardens & Manuel Pacheco Public School, Teacher: Fernando Gonsalbes (Huertos Urbanos) and Rocío Macarro (Manuel Pacheco PS)

Open Schools for Open Societies

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of environmental issues, organic farming and the consumption of seasonal
School: IC "Comuni della Sculdascia". Scuola secondaria di MERLARA, Teacher: Mariapia Borghesan
Some example of student’s poster 1

Soil Consumption

This activity, as part of a larger active citizenship project aimed to help students develop a greater understanding of
School: Polo Liceale Statale "Mattioli", Teacher: Giuseppina Addeo

Learning in the open air

Not so long ago, the city centre of Badajoz was surrounded by vegetable gardens. Small market gardeners were legion in a
School: CEIP LOS GLACIS (Los Gladis Nursery and Primary School), Teacher: Juan Luis Martínez Larios

Earth, Earth, Earth

The soil is studied through the vegetable garden, cultivating part of the garden. Attention is paid to seasonality
School: Istituto Comprensivo Empoli Est, Teacher: Rossella Dei