The PREPSOIL project

PREPSOIL facilitates the deployment of "A Soil Deal for Europe" mission across European regions, by helping key players to reduce soil degradation, while increasing soil awareness and soil literacy.

What PREPSOIL will do

PREPSOIL will support the implementation of the Soil Mission by creating awareness and knowledge on soil needs among stakeholders in regions across Europe.

PREPSOIL will widen the understanding of Living Labs as a vehicle for engaging stakeholders in soil improvements in different land use types (agriculture, forestry, urban, etc.).
PREPSOIL will create understanding of how different approaches to soil monitoring may support the transition to sustainable land use, it will engage with soil ambassadors and… collect information on soil education by establishing a one-stop-shop for soil literacy, communication and engagement as a state-of-the-art web platform

The mission will pioneer, showcase and accelerate the transition to healthy soils through ambitious actions in 100 living labs and lighthouse farms within territorial settings.

This will be combined with an ambitious transdisciplinary R&I programme, a robust, harmonised soil monitoring framework and increased soil literacy and communication to engage with citizens.

Read more about the Soil Mission and its Implementation plan here.

PREPSOIL will feature

  • An atlas of living labs and soil lighthouses
  • Soil ambassadors
  • Discussion areas
  • A knowledge hub
  • A mobile app
  • Training and workshops
  • ...and much more!


It is estimated that between 60 and 70% of European soils are unhealthy.
Lack of knowledge and awareness of the importance of long-term soil health are major drivers of soil degradation and affects its capacity to provide the ecosystem services crucial to our planet and society.

In the EU Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe”, raising awareness and knowledge on soil health is seen as a key approach to the transition towards healthy soils by 2030.

That is why PREPSOIL (Preparing for the Soil Deal for Europe Mission) is going to reach out to a wider audience: from universities to citizen scientists; from school students and teachers to soil monitoring agencies; up to society at large!

Land Managers, Owners & Farmers

Students & Citizens

Companies & Businesses


Authorities & Soil Monitoring Agencies

Academia & Innovation

Our Journey

The PREPSOIL partners

PREPSOIL is backed up by a vibrant consortium of partners at the forefront of European and national initiatives in soil health. The 19 partners provide excellence and aligned competencies to ensure outreach on a wide geographical coverage, while raising awareness and co-learning with multiple targeted stakeholders.