KORN 2024

5–6 March 2024
Gardermoen, Norway
KORN 2024 External event

Korn 2024 is organized by NIBIO dept. Grains and seed crops in collaboration with Norwegian Agricultural Advisory. The program focuses on the dissemination of results from various research projects and topics around the production and use of Norwegian grain.

We have speakers from NIBIO, NLR, NMBU, Graminor and others. We also have two Danish speakers. There will be a break between each session with plenty of opportunity for discussions and new and old acquaintances. The financial conditions are not entirely clear, but the price will not be higher than for Korn 2023.

PREPSOIL at the event

NIBIO (PREPSOIL partner) will join the event to network with researchers, advisors, companies and farmers and promote several PREPSOIL activities, namely the mobile app to be released during the summer 2024. Furthermore, NIBIO will identify potential Communities of Practices to be listed within PREPSOIL catalogue.