OpenLivingLab Days 2024

25–27 September 2024
 Timișoara, Romania
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OpenLivingLab Days is the flagship event organised by the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL). 

The annual conference is a 3-day long event filled with interactive sessions, discussions, networking opportunities and other exchanges.

It is the global gathering of international Living Labs that brings together living labbers, public officials, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, academics, and innovators from around the world. The event offers a unique platform for networking, exchanging best practices, and collaborating on cutting-edge projects and for reflecting on the latest trends and how to shape the future.  

The 2024 edition of OpenLivingLab Days will be held in Timișoara, Romania from 24-27 September 2024. It is our pleasure to announce that the event will be co-organized with West University of Timișoara, the host of Digital and Green Living Lab.   

LIVING LABS FRONTIERS: Driving systemic change through Soci(et)al Engagement, for real impact 

The theme of this year’s event, “LIVING LABS FRONTIERS: Driving systemic change through Soci(et)al Engagement, for real impact” explores how Living Labs can drive meaningful societal systemic change through active engagement and collaboration. 

The conference will delve into the five different tracks that form the core of the event:

  • Track 1: Living Labs for Grand Societal Challenges
  • Track 2: Living Labs for Policies, Governance, collaboration and innovation ecosystems 
  • Track 3: LLs for Inclusive Soci(et)al Engagement  
  • Track 4: Living Labs for Business and Emerging Technology 
  • Track 5: Living Labs Operation, Methods, Tools, and Impact

How to attend the Conference

The Conference gives several opportunities for disseminating results, with the possibility to organize a workshop, a session, submit a research paper, set-up a booth or organize a side event.

  • Call for sessions: if you would like to organize a panel or a debate, fill out the application from on the website. Submissions until the 15th of April
  • Call for workshops: If you have a dynamic and engaging workshop idea that aligns with this year’s theme, send your proposals by filling out the application form on the website. Submissions until the 15th of April 
  • Call for papers:  To apply for the call for papers you need to send your paper to Submissions until the 12th of May

What to expect

The OpenLivingLab Days is a unique event that will feature a diverse array of research sessions, hands-on workshops, and interactive discussions, providing attendees with a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends and developments in the field of Living Labs.

The conference will feature a mixture of learning opportunities, but also exchanges and debates on the relevant topic in the Living Lab community. With presentations from high-level speakers and industry experts, attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into the latest research findings, methodologies, and innovative solutions.  


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