Smart Soils: Smart Specialisation meets EU Soil Mission

24 January 2024
NATI00NS Thematic event External event

A Europe-wide discussion in a virtual session about the relationship, at regional level, between the Smart Specialization Research and Innovation Strategies (RIS3) and the Soil Mission (SM) will be the focus of one of the Nati00ns thematic events.

It will integrate policy makers, experts, technicians and citizens involved in regional policy making and implementation of innovation programs with the following challenges: identify examples of connections that already exist/are foreseen/intuited between RIS3 and the SM objectives; discover the possibilities fo the implementation of the strategies to solve soil troubles and conclude on policy good practices to guide the processes of orienting RIS3 towards the mission and viceversa.

Soil is the foundation of our food systems. It provides clean water and habitats for biodiversity while contributing to climate resilience. It supports our cultural heritage and landscapes and is the basis of our economy and prosperity. RIS3 are demonstrating from 2013 their utility at local level to foster transformative changes through innovation.

PREPSOIL at the event

Luis Sánchez Alvarez (European Commission, DG for Agriculture and Rural Development) highlighted the importance of PREPSOIL work, specially the Soil Needs Assessments done in 21 different European regions.