8–11 July 2024
Valencia (Spain)
terraenvision_valencia_prepsoil External event

Fourth edition will be held in Valencia from 8-11th of July; hosted by the University of Valencia. The conference will be 3 indoor days with inspiring keynotes, scientific talks and posters and interactive workshops to engage with people that are all working on topics related to the theme of our conference: ‘Nature-Based Solutions to facilitate the transition for living within the Planetary Boundaries’.

In addition to the 4 days of the conference there is also the possibility to join the pre- and/or post-conference excursions ((6-7 July and 12-13 July). On the website (that will be launched shortly) more information will be given.

TERRAenVISION conference is framed around themes related to the main topic of the conference of this year: ‘Nature-Based Solutions to facilitate the transition for living within the Planetary Boundaries’.

They five themes we have this year for our conference are:

  1. Nature-based solutions for agriculture and natural areas (soil, water and landscape)
  2. Nature-based solutions for natural hazards (Fire, Floods and Droughts)
  3. Nature-based solutions for urban and industrial areas (soil, water and spatial planning)
  4. Methodologies: how to measure processes and impact of Nature-based solutions
  5. Science brokers for transitioning to a climate resilient and circular society

Each theme is kicked off by two plenary keynote speeches of 20 min, followed by a discussion. After the plenary session, various parallel sessions will be organized.

This conference is not only for scientists, but also for those people from outside the scientific world working on transitions towards climate mitigation and adaptation, sustainable cities and agriculture and a circular economy with a focus on the sustainable use and management of the natural system.

PREPSOIL at the event

PREPSOIL is organising a session at the conference, entitled "Bridging Science and Society: Engaging Sustainable Soil Stakeholders in Transitioning to a Climate-Resilient and Circular Society". The session will highlight the pivotal role of stakeholders in driving the transition towards a climate-resilient and circular society on soil, with science acting as a bridge between diverse communities.

This session will explore innovative approaches to stakeholder engagement, showcasing examples of successful collaborations between scientists, policymakers, businesses, and civil society.

Participants will gain insights into the importance of inclusive decision-making processes and the co-creation of solutions that address the interconnected challenges of soil climate change and sustainability. 

More info soon.

Official event page: https://terraenvision.eu/