Webinar Soil health in (Policy) Perspective

3 February 2023
Webinar Bodemgezondheid in (beleids)perspectief Other event

The Netherlands Soil Science Association (NBV), together with the European Joint Program (EJP) Soil, is organizing a webinar on soil health in (policy) perspective. Soil plays a key role in the functioning of our ecosystem, meaning that healthy soils contributes to solving larger, global issues related to biodiversity and climate change. Goals have been drawn up by the European Union with regard to soil health.

During this webinar, the attendees will learn about latest developments in monitoring and assessing soil health in Europe, and what development this has brought about (and is still bringing about) in the Netherlands.

PREPSOIL at the event

Linda Maring (leader Urban Soil and Water Management at Deltares, partner of PREPSOIL project), will do a presentation focused on non-agricultural soils and the PREPSOIL project, next to soil scientists.

Official webpage: https://bodems.nl/webinar-bodemgezondheid-in-beleidsperspectief