Working group to discuss best practices regarding the production and use of alternative fertilisers

7 November 2023
FER-PLAY Other event

ACR+ is organising a working group in the framework of the project FER-PLAY. This project aims at facilitating the uptake of alternative fertilizers to protect ecosystems, decrease EU dependence on fertilizer imports, foster circularity, and improve soil health.

The working group provides a room for discussion between frontrunners and regions aiming to support the uptake of alternative fertilisers by farmers. Frontrunners are, in this case, regional authorities that have supported the production and the use of alternative fertilisers and managed to either create a local market for alternative fertilisers or successfully convinced local players to effectively use them through policies, partnerships, or technical solutions.

Several best practices will be presented followed by a Q&A session to discuss the content of the presentations. The discussion will target the topics of replicability, barriers, the use of alternative fertiliser in organic agriculture (among others). 

The data gathered during this working group will feed the content of a policy brief addressed to policy makers to deliver successful strategies and instruments for the market deployment of alternativ e fertilisers.


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Registration closes on 31st October 2023.