1st European Mission Forum EMiF: "Making Missions Work"

25 January 2023
trami_prepsoil External event

The 1st European Mission Forum on 25th of January will connect all EU Mission stakeholders and actor groups:

  • Governmental actors;
  • Civil society;
  • Business sector;
  • Research and innovation.

The event will offer participants an opportunity to learn about other EU-Mission actors from outside their usual networks. EMiF’s agenda focuses on the EU Missions transformative policy approach: it provides a platform for information and interactive exchange to help all stakeholders at European, national and regional level to support the successful implementation of the EU Mission.

PREPSOIL at the event

Niels Halberg (Aarhus University and Coordinator of PREPSOIL) will PREPSOIL at the event. Niels will provide an overview of PREPSOIL goals, namely on the several PREPSOIL being organised, during the first semester of 2023, to assess the most urgent soil needs in 20+ different regions, as well as the call for stories of good education practices about green soil, amongst others.

Official webpage: https://www.trami5missions.eu/1st-european-mission-forum-emif